it’s not a phase mom this is who I REALLY AM
fall looks: black hair black claws black errythang

look how cute
right where I belong
honestly HOW CUTE are my new boyfriends from @majicalcloudz I mean rly thnx boys #majicalcloudz #lordetour
2day i learned about how the government controls ur mind
I’m at work
i took this on saturday morning because he was still dead asleep and i couldn’t get back to sleep. he reaches for me in his sleep constantly. a few seconds after this he almost knocked my laptop to the floor because he put his arm over me to try to cuddle me.
i didn’t post this because when i looked at it for too long, i realized the perspective made me look fucking huge and made my tits look weird and it just made me really self conscious but now i don’t even fucking care i wanna be in that bed all the time and i hate being home fuck this i want babe back. 
I hate leaving so much 💔